Turn Signal Pro™ - Ur One Stop Shop
Turn Signal Pro™ - Ur One Stop Shop
Turn Signal Pro™ - Ur One Stop Shop
Turn Signal Pro™ - Ur One Stop Shop
Turn Signal Pro™ - Ur One Stop Shop
Turn Signal Pro™ - Ur One Stop Shop

Turn Signal Pro™

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  • Remote Control - Remotely control bike taillight, functions including 1. turning signal (turn right/turn left), 2. dynamic changing graphics 3. safe distance warning lane lights (off/steady on/flashing)
  • Built-in Li-ion battery that can be recharged by USB, 3.7V 650mAh can work up to 10 hours continuously on one charge.
  • 8 MULTI-SIGNALS LED DISPLAY: There are 64 super brightness LED lamp bead,9 multi-signals personalized creative LED display like left/right/up arrow, windmill, diamond, etc.Cool at the same time more to ensure your safety.
  • Handlebar Shift paddles controller makes you operate turn signals, side safety distance warning lights easily during riding. Keep people from getting too close
  • One CR2032 battery (included) for wireless remote control, which can work up to three months.

Operation instruction:
1. Long press host one second to switch on (all the lights flash three times), and long press host one second again to switch off (all the lights flash one time). The left red light is flashing after switch on, long press 3 seconds to match 
2. Upwards the turn light switch to left (the left light is flashing), downward the turn light switch to right (the right light is flashing)
3. Short press the right button of remote control, cool graphics tail light will switch on/off (blue light flash in the middle) 
4. Short press the left button of remote control, laser parallel line will switch off/off 
5. When the left light host is continuous lighting, it means the low battery and needs to recharge. The right light will turn on when recharging the battery, and the green light will turn on when fully charged.

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